Sovereign Cloud Services for Germany to be Delivered by T-Systems and Google Cloud

Author photo: Chantal Polsonetti
By Chantal Polsonetti
Acquisition or Partnership

T-Systems and Google Cloud announced they will build and deliver sovereign cloud services for German enterprises, the public sector, and healthcare organizations. Breaking new ground, the companies will jointly innovate to develop a large spectrum of next-generation sovereign cloud solutions and infrastructure. These will allow customers to host their sensitive workloads on a sovereign cloud, while continuing to leverage the scalability, elasticity and reliability of public cloud services. Service management and operation of the sovereign cloud will be supervised by T-Systems.

In this new joint offering that will be available as of mid-2022 and then upgraded over the following months, T-Systems will manage a set of sovereignty controls and measures, including encryption and identity management. In addition, T-Systems will exercise a control function over relevant parts of the German Google Cloud infrastructure. Any physical or virtual access to facilities in Germany (such as routine maintenance and upgrades) will be under the supervision of T-Systems and Google Cloud. 

Initially, T-Systems will roll out the sovereign cloud offering to German organizations in several industries, including healthcare, automotive, public transport, and the public sector. Clients will benefit from:

  • A full spectrum of highly innovative and scalable cloud technology at various levels of sovereignty
  • Google Cloud’s open source expertise that provides freedom of choice and prevents lock-in
  • Increased openness and transparency for clients
  • Easy integration with existing IT landscapes
  • Help complying with existing European sovereign cloud policies, including GDPR (European General Data Protection Regulation)
  • Full public cloud scale as well as version and feature parity to global network

Co-innovation center in Munich

The expanded partnership also includes a commitment to co-innovation. Dedicated teams of engineers from both partners will collaborate on open-source technologies and solutions that meet the efficiency, data security and technical sovereignty needs of customers (data sovereignty, operational sovereignty and software sovereignty).

Together, T-Systems and Google Cloud further commit to sharing their knowledge and developing skills in Europe via training and workshops designed to enable partners and customers to fully leverage the value and innovation of sovereign-cloud solutions.

Customers will be able to experience the sovereign cloud capabilities and collaborate with Google Cloud and T-Systems engineers on their specific business technology challenges in a new world class training facility in Munich.

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